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Guava Lava

Where can you find ice cream lovers in droves even in frosty weather? This past January 2017, I had the privilege of attending the 125th Ice Cream Short Course at Penn State in University Park, Pennsylvania Not only was it an opportunity to refresh myself on the theory and techniques of ice cream-making, but it was also a wonderful way to meet fellow artisanal ice cream makers from around the world. I was happy to meet Bina Doshi, chef-owner of Bina’s Homemade Ice Cream, located in Mumbai India She has a warm smile and easygoing personality, so we became quick friends as we navigated the course’s homework and finals and the frosty weather of Pennsylvania. My mouth watered as I listened to Bina’s delicious and interesting flavors including Rose Sabja (Rosewater with Basil seeds), Sitaphal (Custard Apple), and her most popular flavor, Spicy Guava. Not to mention, her ice cream is pure, unique, and free from colors and preservatives. Her customers rave that ‘The taste was fresh and homemade and consistency is dense without being heavily cream.’ Bina, thank you for being the inspiration for our newest flavor, Guava Lava! Next time, I can’t wait to visit your shop in Mumbai, India and try your yummy, creative flavors!

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