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Sugar Mama Desserts Story

About 11 years ago, I decided to transition from my optometry/pharma career to pursue my passion of making great ice cream.  I immersed myself into the food business by selling ice cream at the Farmers Markets and  conducting market research and gaining customer loyalty . We slowly expanded to catering as our unique, all-natural flavors were enjoyed by many at work and at other special events.  After a few years of both working full-time in clinical research and running my business, I decided to quit my job to follow my passion full-time and start my company Sugar Mama Desserts. 


I enjoy taking people back to their childhood with classic and unique flavors of ice cream like Signature Strawberry, Black Sesame Brittle, or Saffron Rosewater Pistachio.  Our all-natural ice cream is made with the freshest ingredients including locally-grown fruits, authentic ingredients, and vegetable-based coloring. Ex. Our strawberry ice cream contains 1/2 pound of organic strawberries in every pint. Also, our Mint n' Chip is colored with Fresh Spinach.  You can enjoy the cream in our shop or we cater to you at work.


Come try delicious and all-natural ice cream today at our brick and mortar shop at 492 Barber Lane, Milpitas or on Saturdays from 9am - 1pm in Downtown Sunnyvale. 

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